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Managed IT Services

IntelliCARE, our proprietary managed service offering, allows us to consistently add value to our clients by aligning with the ITIL 4.0 best-framework.

As defined by ITIL, service is “a means of enabling value co-creation by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve, without the customer having to manage specific costs and risks.” Acting in accordance with this definition, IntelligIS does not group clients into boxes - this means our service offerings are customized to their individual needs.

Brilliantly Managed IT.

Focus. Facilitation. Follow-through.

IntelligIS focuses on the following areas to ensure we meet client-expectations:

Service desk - All service-related client interaction starts here. The service desk is responsible for responding to all service-related requests and then classifying, prioritizing, and resolving them based on industry best practices.

Continual Improvement – continue to align our services with the changing business needs of our clients.

Information security management – protect our clients and their data.

Relationship management – focus on building relationships with our clients, not transactions.

Supplier management – if we need help providing a service to our client that is not within our wheelhouse, we will partner with other experts to get the job done.

Monitoring and event management – we stay abreast of the health of our clients’ environments.

Problem management – we identify, resolve, and document problems.

IT asset management – we inventory and keep track of hardware, software, and other IT-related assets.

Change control – we minimize downtime by communicating changes, ensuring risks have been properly assessed, getting authorization, and managing the schedule.

Release management – we ensure that our clients systems remain up to date.

Incident management – we identify, classify, prioritize, resolve, and document issues.

Deployment management – we develop project plans for all deployments.

Service Level management – we ensure we understand our clients’ expectations and set clear performance targets to meet them.

Pricing – our pricing model is simple, clear, and consistent. Monthly agreements are typically charged “per user” and projects can be “flat fee” or “billed per hour.” Furthermore, no bills are sent to our clients without their prior approval.