What We Do

We partner with IT Directors and their Departments at businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions, to enhance the pace of their digital transformation, increase their agility and resilience, drive competitive differentiation and save money.

We design, deploy, and manage technologies that provide access to their data from anywhere and on any device, specialize in Microsoft Teams for collaboration and calling, and protect company assets using Cisco security solutions such as SecureX.

About IntelligIS

IntelligIS Cloud-based Services & Solutions help solve the continuing technology shortage woes by providing a nearly immediate solution.

We help level the playing field for small and medium businesses and help you get ahead.

Request a Complimentary Technology Assessment, our proprietary CTA™, today.

And we’ll help you start your successful migration to Hybrid Heaven in the Cloud™ with us.

Don’t be defeated by the Supply chain shortage.

IntelligIS Cloud-based services can help.

With supply shortages worldwide, it can be difficult to get the technology you need in a timely manner. Unexpected backorders and shipment delays are a constantly looming threat, especially with the global chip shortage.

We’ve already discussed how moving to the Cloud is an effective way to help increase productivity in the era of the highly mobile Hybrid Workforce, and the move to remote and hybrid working will only accelerate, and IntelligIS was ahead of the curve on this business tsunami, and our expertise in cloud services can be an asset as you consider transitioning for these additional and serious reasons.

The initial graduation to cloud-based services may feel like a challenge at first, but the correct platform’s efficiency and versatility will transform a business.

In a time where we’ve significantly increased the number of remote workers, using a cloud platform is key to ensuring simple productivity and controlling security risks, as well as impacting the issues of the global supply chain shortage.

Here are some reasons to make the switch to IntelligIS cloud-based services. Right now.

The ability to back up and restore data: Cloud data storage is simpler and more secure, typically with quicker backups and data recovery.

Improved collaboration: Cloud applications improve collaboration by allowing groups of people to trade information quickly and easily via shared storage.

Accessibility: Cloud allows quick and easy information storage and access from anywhere, a huge benefit in today’s remote work environment.

Mobility: Get easy access to all cloud data via computer, mobile, or other smart devices without compromising data security.

Low maintenance costs: Reduce hardware and software costs, expensive hardware failures, and more easily manage your budgets by switching to the cloud.

Unlimited storage capacity: The cloud offers a huge amount of storage capacity for important data such as documents, images, audio, video, etc. – all in one place.

Data security: One of the biggest advantages is security. Cloud-based services offer many advanced security features, which are frequently too expensive for most organizations to implement themselves, and our SecurITy™ at IntelligIS is best-in-class.

Technology Partnerships

At IntelligIS, it is important that we engineer solutions that will stand the test of time, so we only partner with solution providers that have industry-proven products and services. We have built strong collaborative relationships with global technology names, investing heavily in obtaining certifications in the latest technology from our partners to ensure we consistently bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each client

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