Managed Network Security

Security is as foundational to the network as switches and routers. With today’s wide range of threats and attacks, a multi-layer security approach is necessary to provide an optimal defense. IntelligIS Managed Network Security Solutions protect your business from edge to endpoint with the latest security technologies powered by Cisco.

We partner with you to first help you understand risks to your infrastructure, and then develop a comprehensive security plan.

IntelligIS Managed Network Security Services include:

Managed Firewall

Our Managed Firewall service leverages the Cisco ASA with FirePOWER services to identify and safeguard your network against unauthorized access and malicious attacks. Our integrated approach to threat defense reduces capital and operating costs as well as administrative complexity by consolidating multiple security services in a single platform.

From common threats to sophisticated targeted cyberattacks, our managed network security services combine elite threat intelligence, advanced detection technology, and expert managed security analyst coverage 24x7 to protect your network.

Managed Endpoint Service

Our Managed Endpoint service uses Cisco AMP for Desktops along with an industry standard Antivirus solution such as Trend Micro’s Deep Security platform to deliver a comprehensive defense against a wide range of threats. AMP blocks malware trying to enter your network in real time. Using one-to-one signature matching, machine learning, and fuzzy fingerprinting, AMP analyzes files at the point of entry to catch known and unknown malware. The result? Faster time to detection and automatic protection.

Once a file enters your network, AMP continues to watch, analyze, and record its activity, regardless of the file’s disposition. If malicious behavior is spotted later, AMP sends your security team a retrospective alert that tells them where the malware came from, where it’s been, and what it’s doing. In a few clicks, you can contain and remediate it.


  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • URL Filtering & Application Visibility
  • Monitored 24x7 by our Security Operations Center
  • Subscription based OPEX versus CAPEX model