Our Philosophy

We consider each new opportunity a privilege, so we make it a priority to treat each customer as a valuable part of our business. When customers interact with IntelligISTM, they can expect utmost integrity from the very first meeting to the completion of each project.

First Mission: Understanding the Customer

From the beginning, IntelligISTM has operated with the core value of developing strong relationships with our customers. No two customers do business the same way or have the exact challenges - so we approach each issue differently and design solutions that address your specific needs. Our approach is to listen first, ask questions to understand your pain points, then offer the best technology and move forward with seamless implementation. We have no desire to sell you what you don’t need, we’ll be honest to a fault, and only recommend solutions that will be best for your business.

Skilled and Passionate Technical Experts

We realize that our customers come to us to make sense of the technical noise they hear - they simply want to know what solutions are credible, which ones are hype, and what solutions are best for their business. So we spend an incredible amount of time staying abreast of the latest technology and investing in education and certifications so our customers can be confident we have the knowledge and extensive time in the field. Day or night, we work until our customers are satisfied with the solutions they have trusted us to implement. We aren’t newbies - we are skilled technical professionals who love what we do.

Our Word is Everything

Not every business wants to work with us, we get it, but for those clients that chose to work with IntelligISTM our aim is to build a long-lasting relationship as their trusted technical advisor. We have had many of our customers for years and have continued the partnership through their mergers and acquisitions. We take pride in creating a solid relationship based on trust that we will consistently deliver on our commitments. Our word to our clients’ matter – the technology we deliver is the proof.