4 Business problems solved by Office 365

With 10 years of IT consulting under our belts, we’ve had the privilege of working with businesses and organizations all over the country. And surprisingly, we see many of the same problems plaguing businesses over and over again. From employee productivity to information security, a lot of companies fail because they’re unable to solve these issues on time.

Getting from A to B: Planning a smooth IaaS migration

Infrastructure-as-a-Service, or IaaS, has become an irresistible solution for many businesses. Rehosting servers, hardware, software, and storage to a third-party provider is cost-effective, scalable, and doesn’t take much to manage and maintain. In fact, IDC reports have found that the IaaS market will see a 41 percent growth through 2016 to 2017. But choosing whether or not it’s right for your business isn’t the hard part, it’s the implementation process that you, as the business owner, should focus on.

Why are businesses hanging up on landlines for UC?

It goes without saying that landline phones are on the sharp decline - considering the myriad of options available for businesses today, it’s easy to see why. Employees can miss calls if they’re not at their desks and they’re only productive if they’re inside the office.

Empower your mobile workforce with unified communications

Whether it’s a 30-60 minute bus ride, or squeezing into the subway during rush hour, morning commutes rarely put you in the right frame of mind for starting a day at work. But for a growing number of workers, the morning commute is as short as the trip from their bed to their home office, local cafe, or practically anywhere with a steady internet connection.

The 4 layers of holistic cybersecurity

Just a couple decades ago, business owners depended on single countermeasures and stratagems to fend off external attacks. But by the looks of it, hackers seem to be attacking businesses from every conceivable angle. Case in point, phishing, ransomware, zero-day hacks, and targeted attacks are just a few of the devastating attacks we’ve seen evolve into new heights this year.

IPS and AV: combine the dynamic duo of network security

Lennon and McCartney, Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux, Batman and Robin. Individual members of the world’s greatest duos are capable of working solo, but that doesn’t mean they should. The synergy of two forces coming together to create something greater than the sum of their parts is inherent to a variety of everyday scenarios, and network security is one of the most notable examples.

Why should you use URL filtering?

Giving your employees unfettered access to the internet is simply a terrible idea. Sure, the internet is the perfect collaboration tool and vital research companion to every business, but it has also become the ultimate instrument for procrastinators in the office.

Intrusion prevention systems and why you need them

With the Rio Olympics now officially underway, many experts anticipate that cybersecurity will the be the greatest hurdle. Considering the possibility that over half a million live spectators will connect their network-capable devices to over 7000 WiFi access points, hackers are sure to follow.